Bar in Xi'an

Sky Bar

The top floor of So Young City Center Hostel hosts this quirky, loft-style bar full of wooden benches and beams, plants, country flags and a friendly resident cat. There’s a vintage Harley Davidson motorbike and...

Bar in Xi'an

Jamaica Blue

Doubling as a good restaurant, enterprising Jamaica Blue gets a daily workout come sundown as a fine and sociable bar, with live crooning at around 9pm some nights. Moreish, finger-lickin' savoury snacks are...

Bar in Xi'an


In the basement bowels of the Shuyuan Youth Hostel, this music bar is a tip-top riot and a fun night out. Staff are excellent and very mindful. It has lots of coloured terracotta warrior statues, blues music,...

Cafe in Hua Shan

Hua Shan Coffee

At the end of your slog, sit down for some restorative caffeine and watch the sun going down through the panoramic windows at this comfy cafe by the North Peak Hotel.

Brewery in Xi'an

Xi'an Brewery

Xi'an Brewery puts decent craft beer on the city’s map. Set over two floors, it offers a fine array of crafted brews. Go for the Citra IPA for tropical flavours or the Milk Stout for something sweeter. If you...

Bar in Xi'an

King Garden Bar

Picturesquely located just outside the gate of Yuxiang Men, this slick bar is a cool spot to hang out with Xi'an's high rollers. With illuminated bar top, snappily attired bar staff, subdued lights and chill-out...