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Jiangxi in Sānqīng Shān

Xīntíngjì Tǔcàiguǎn

The shiny photos match the delicious offerings at this quiet eatery near the Yùshān bus station. Specialities include jīnpái guōmèn tǔjī (金牌锅焖土鸡; free-range chicken casserole), xiǎochǎo huángniúròu (小炒黄牛肉; spicy bee…
Mountain in Sānqīng Shān

Nánqīng Garden

Sānqīng Shān's main summit area is known as the Nánqīng Garden, a looping trail that wends beneath strange pinnacles and connects the southern and eastern sections.
Taoist Site in Sānqīng Shān

Taoist Sānqīng Temple

Established during the Ming dynasty, this is one of the few Taoist temples in Jiāngxī to have survived the Cultural Revolution.