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Yùshān bus station (玉山汽车站; Yùshān qìchēzhàn) services:

Hángzhōu ¥105, four hours, 7.30am, 9am, 11.20am and 3.30pm

Nánchāng ¥80, four to five hours, 7.10am and 3pm

Shànghǎi ¥145, 5½ hours, 10am

Wùyuán ¥45, 2½ hours, 7.55am and 1.20pm


Local bus 8 (¥1) links the train and bus stations, but is only hourly. A motor-rickshaw costs around ¥8. Destinations from Yùshān train station (玉山火车站; Yùshān huǒchēzhàn) include the following:

Hángzhōu K-class hard seat ¥52, four to five hours, four morning trains (6.47am, 6.54am, 7.05m and 8.38am)

Shànghǎi South K-class hard seat/sleeper ¥75/138, seven hours, seven daily

Yīngtán K-class hard seat ¥24, two hours, six daytime trains (8.39am to 5.10pm)

The bullet train from Chángshā to Hángzhōu passes through the Yùshān South Train Station (玉山火车南站; Yùshan Huǒchē Nánzhàn).

Services include the following:

Nánchāng G-class hard seat ¥44, one hour, 13 daily

Shànghǎi Hongqiao G-class hard seat, ¥214, 2½ hours, nine daily