Sanjiang attractions

Top Choice Tower in Sanjiang

Drum Towers

A drum tower resembles a flamboyant, multieaved pagoda plonked on a rectangular pavilion; many are found in Dòng villages in the region. The taller ones are built entirely of cedar. Donate a few coins as you enter, …
Top Choice Bridge in Sanjiang

Chéngyáng Wind & Rain Bridge

Around 18km north of Sānjiāng, the grandest of over 100 nail-less wind-and-rain bridges in the area, this photogenic black-and-white structure (78m) was built from cedar and stone over 12 years in the early 1900s. I…
Area in Sanjiang

Chéngyángqiáo Scenic Area

Beyond the standout Chéngyáng Wind & Rain Bridge, the best way to take in this scenic area's natural and human-made beauty is by walking among the fields. Each hamlet has a distinctive-looking drum tower and a s…