Longji Rice Terraces & Chengyang & Drop off at Zhaoxing village Private Day Tour

Private & Custom Tours in Sanjiang

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If you are interesting in the splendid ethnic culture, and want to find a place where can experience them, The  Longji and Sanjiang should be the best places for your choice to explore the ethnic culture in Guilin area . The Longji is a place where you can see the laerge scale rice terraces which founded by the Zhuang and Yao minority people, while the Sanjiang where you can find the unique buildings of Dong minority people, when we drop off you at the Zhaoxing Dong village gate then you will have more chace to discover the ethnic culture/people at Guizhou Province. Highlights:  1. Visit the two differ places with the new highway.  2. Learn about Guilin’s unique minority culture.  3. Via the highway for this day tour.  4. Can drop off at the Congjiang train station or Zhaoxing village gate.
The Longji Rice Terraces offer some of the most fantastic scenery in China or indeed the world. Beautiful when the sun reflects in the water of the paddy fields and glowing with yellow ears when the harvest is ripe, Longji (Dragon's Back) is a feast for the eyes.There are about 66 square kilometers (25 sq mi) of terraced fields. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides, and look like great amphitheatres or ribbons as they wind round the contours in tiered bands. Sanjiang County is located in the Guangxi, Guizhou and Hunan three provinces border region, it is a Dong Minority County; and Chengyangwhich is also named Saier, is a representative Dong Minority community in Sanjiang. Here in Chengyang, you could not only enjoy Dong style clothing and cultures, but also discover amazing Dong sytle architectures.Chengyang Dong Villages include 8 traditional natural villages, they are Ma'an, Ping Zhai, Yan Zhai, Pingtan, Dong Zhai, Da Zhai, Pingpu and Jichang. In this 12.55 square kilometers area, the eight villages have about 2200 Dong families and over 10000 people.When you walk in Chengyang, you will find yourself in a natural Dong Minority Museum, eight natural villages, each village has a wind and rain bridge, a drum tower and a stage, different villages have different styles on design of these public Dong architectures, if you have time, you could rent a local villager to tell you the differences of each village, very interesting.Itinerary:8:00--9:30: Guilin--Longji terraces--Ping'an village.9:30--11:30: Visit the Ping'an village/terraces area.11:30--12:30: Have a lunch at Long hair village.12:30--14:00: Transfer to Chengyang village.14:00--16:30: Visit the Chengyang Dong village.16:30--18:30: Transfer to Zhaoxing Dong village

What’s included

  • 1. The Private car.
  • 2. The private guide.

What’s not included

  • Entrance fees(Longji ticket: 100RMB per person, Chengyang: 80RMB per person, Zhaoxing:100RMB per person)
  • Food and drinks