Top things to do

Top Choice Cafe in Ruìlì

Bo Bo’s Cold Drinks Shop

This Ruili institution is busy from early to late, with the Burmese waiters clad in their native, sarong-like longyi hustling as they serve up fantastic fruit juices, Burmese-style milky tea, ice cream and cakes. Th…
Top Choice Yunnan in Ruìlì

Lántiān Xiǎochī

Fantastic, popular place for noodles at any time of day, but especially breakfast. It's also good for Burmese-style salads, fried rice dishes and fruit juices. No English menu, but there are pictures on the wall to …
Market in Ruìlì

Ruìlì Market

This is one of the most colourful and fun markets in all Yúnnán; a real swirl of ethnicities, including Dai, Jingpo, Han and Burmese, as well as the odd Bangladeshi and Pakistani trader. Get here in the morning, whe…
Burmese in Ruìlì

Myanmar Garden

Great for authentic Burmese food like tea leaf and lime beef salads, as well as a smattering of northern Thai dishes. It's fine for coffee and juices as well, while a jug of chilled lager is ¥36. It's inside a forec…
Pagoda in Ruìlì

Golden Duck Pagoda

This pagoda is on the southwestern outskirts of Ruìlì on the main road. An attractive stupa set in a temple courtyard, it was established to mark the arrival of a pair of golden ducks that brought good fortune to wh…
Market in Ruìlì

Jade Market

Ruìlì’s ever-expanding jade market is great for people-watching and is the true centre of town in all senses. Burmese jade sellers run most of the shops here and for a while you may even forget you are still in Chin…
Market in Ruìlì

Huáfēng Market

An outdoor food court that thrives once darkness descends, come here for Burmese and Chinese food, including decent barbecue. The food is all on display, so just pick and point.