Piān Qiáo Wān

Chinese in Shennongjia

This is the coolest place to eat in Mùyú. It's accessed via a wobbly bridge and backs onto a small tea plantation (you can buy tea here). The menu is in Chinese only. Try the huíguō niúròu (回锅牛肉; spicy fried beef), the cháshùgū chǎolàròu (茶树菇炒腊肉; wild mushrooms and cured pork) or the xiānggū ròusī (香菇肉丝; shiitake mushrooms with pork shreds).

Don’t forget to leave room for the qiáomài bǐng (荞麦饼; flatbread made with buckwheat and wild herbs and served with a honey dip).