Top choice italian in Li River

This fine rooftop restaurant experience is one of Yángshuò's best. The view of Moon Hill isn't quite as amazing as it used to be – thanks to a neighbour building a stack opposite – but it's still sublime. And the food remains top-notch: the taglioni con gamberi e melanzana (tagliolini with shrimp and eggplant) is lovely, but the whole menu's a winner. Romantic, delightful, highly appetising.

The pizza is fantastic too, and there's a good choice of vegetarian dishes. The attached Yangshuo Village Inn has delectable rooms too, if you need somewhere to kip after your fill. It's not easy to find, in a village called Li Village (历村; Lì Cūn), before you reach Gāotián Town.

Minibuses (¥2) run from Yángshuò to Gāotián. Before Gāotián, disembark at Li Village and it's a five-minute walk to the restaurant. A taxi one way from Yángshuò will cost around ¥30. If cycling to Moon Hill, the restaurant is a short ride away.