Top Choice Barbecue in Sānlǐtún & Cháoyáng

Home Plate BBQ

Serving up some of the finest southern American barbecue in town is this Texas-owned restaurant-bar that's all about slow-cooked meats, burgers and craft beer. Its charcoal-wood smoker sits proudly on display, loade…
Barbecue in Forbidden City & Dōngchéng Central

Wǔgē Jīchì

Not the friendliest place, but the fabulously tasty chicken wings in this tiny hole-in-the-wall joint are worth the grumpy reception. No menu and no English spoken, but it doesn't matter; all they usually do here ar…
Barbecue in Lè Shān

Zhao Family Crispy Duck

Foodies flock to this tiny barbecue stand for its speciality – sweet, crispy roast duck (jīn; ¥22). The draw is the skin, which is best described as duck candy, a miraculously ungreasy bite of heaven. Eat it while i…
Barbecue in Chéngdū

Huì Zhī Fèng

A satisfying place to fill up before (or between) drinks on Kehua Jie. There are tables outside or seats around the tiě bǎn (铁板) to watch the chef sear your order to perfection. A highlight is the spicy fried chicke…
Barbecue in Drum Tower & Dōngchéng North

Tàn Huā Lamb BBQ

Meat-loving Beijingers flock to this raucous joint where you roast a leg of lamb on your own personal table-top barbecue spit before hacking away at the meatiest bits with a rudimentary, long-handled knife and fork.…
Barbecue in Kowloon

BBQ Lobster

The most comfortable of three neighbouring branches, this buzzing eatery lures Kowloon gluttons with scrumptious grilled skewers that are 30% to 50% cheaper than the same in Soho. With fresh seven-inch prawns at onl…
Barbecue in Kuqa

Yàlì Náng Kēngròu

It's all about meat at this Han Chinese place in Kuqa's new city, where nevertheless a very Uighur style of cooking is served up (complete with beer!). Choose your meat platter from the photo menu, or simply order d…
Barbecue in Wǔhàn

Lǎojiē Shāokǎo

'Old Street Barbecue' takes the popular hawker-style meat-on-stick philosophy espoused on corners nightly around the city, and poshes it up just a little. Large bottles of cheap beer are served by young, well traine…
Barbecue in Shěnyáng

Báiyù Chuànchéng

It's hard not to get into the whole experience of charcoal grilling your own skewers of juicy meat and veg right at your table. All the meats, seafood and tofu are here for your choosing.
Barbecue in Lúgū Lake

Zhāxī Cāntīng

Lively restaurant and barbecue joint that's good for the local speciality, Mosuo pork (¥50). You'll see the pigs being roasted whole outside, where you can sit near the lake.