Yù Shū Fáng

Chinese in Qūfù

On dining, Confucius duly noted 'Food can never be too good, and cooking can never be done too carefully'. This restaurant of private rooms behind the Confucius Mansion takes this to heart, serving fine Iron Guanyin teas (铁观音; tiě guānyīn) from ¥40 per pot (壶) and Kong-family banquet meals (套餐; tào cān), for a never-ending succession of dishes.

The most basic set involves six or so small cold dishes, followed by about 16 more hot dishes – from soup to vegetables, braised sea cucumber, spicy chicken and so on in quick succession. There's no English menu and staff do not speak much English but ordering is pretty straightforward (just pick a price). Reservations are recommended, and some dishes can be ordered à la carte (from ¥40).