Quanzhou restaurants

Hakka in Quanzhou

Ānjì Kèjiāwáng

The Ān family are well known across town for their Cantonese-style dim sum, which sneaks a few Hakka delights onto the trolley. The xiāmǐ chángfěn (虾米肠粉; shrimp in rice paper) and xián dànjuǎn (咸蛋卷; salty egg rolls)…
Hakka in Quanzhou

Lánshì Zhōnglóu

In an area flush with eateries, this Hakka favourite draws a return crowd for its honest, affordable fare. The signature hēimǐzòng (黑米粽; black rice dumplings) and dànhuángzòng (蛋黄粽; rice dumpling with yolk) are reco…
Vegetarian in Quanzhou

Sāndé Sùshíguǎn

No animals were hurt in the making of this fine vegetarian restaurant which has clear picture menus and more creativity than the typical faux-meat staples. Try any of the simple rice dishes for their delicious chewy…