Quanzhou attractions

Taoist Temple in Quanzhou

Guāndì Temple

This smoky and magnificently carved temple is southeast of Qīngjìng Mosque. A furnace burns prayer books stuffed in by devotees. It’s dedicated to Guan Yu, a Three Kingdoms general who was deified as the God of War.…
Temple in Quanzhou

Cǎo’ān Manichaean Temple

This quirky temple is dedicated to Manichaeism, a religion originating in Persia in the 3rd century, combining elements of Zoroastrian, Christian and Gnostic thought, which reached China in the 7th century.The well …
Buddhist Site in Quanzhou

Kāiyuán Temple

In the northwest of the city, one of the oldest temples in Quánzhōu dates back to AD 686. Surrounded by trees, Kāiyuán Temple is famed for its pair of rust-coloured five-storey stone pagodas, stained with age and ca…
Museum in Quanzhou

Maritime Museum

On the northeast side of town, this fabulous museum explains Quánzhōu’s trading history, the development of Chinese shipbuilding and the kaleidoscope of religions in the port’s heyday. The Religious Stone Hall and I…
Cemetery in Quanzhou

Língshān Islamic Cemetery

Set at the foot of the mountain of Língshān, this leafy cemetery is one of the most intact historic cemeteries in China. Two of Mohammed’s disciples are said to be buried here, and you’ll also find some granite stel…
Village in Quanzhou

Xúnpǔ Village

The fishing village of Xúnpǔ, some 10km southeast of the city centre of Quánzhōu, was on the old trade route of the maritime Silk Road and was perhaps the Arabs’ first port of call when they set foot in Quánzhōu dur…
Plantation in Quanzhou

Ānxī Cháyè Dàguānyuán

Mountainous Ānxī County is home to the famous Tiě Guānyīn (铁观音; Iron Buddha) tea, an oolong variety known for its thick fragrance and floral sweetness. Fifty-odd tea varieties from China, Taiwan and Japan are cultiv…
Confucian Temple in Quanzhou

Confucius Temple

A living relic of the Song dynasty built in 976 and the largest Confucian Temple in southern China.
Mosque in Quanzhou

Qīngjìng Mosque

Built by the Arabs in 1009 and restored in 1309, this stone edifice is one of China’s only surviving mosques from the Song dynasty. Only a few sections (mainly walls) of the original building survive, largely in rui…
Museum in Quanzhou

Jǐnxiùzhuāng Puppet Museum

A very simple museum behind Tumen Jie displaying puppet heads, intricate 30-string marionettes and comical hand puppets. Shows run intermittently.