Top things to do in Qingyuan

Monastery in Qingyuan


The admission fee to the monastery at Fēixiá, 4km upstream from Fēilái, includes an eight-minute ride (every 15 minutes) to the Taoist relics uphill. Cángxiá Ancient Cave (藏霞古洞; c 1863) is a maze of whispering shado…
Buddhist Site in Qingyuan

Fēilái Temple

Cruise along the Běijiāng River (北江) from Qīngyuǎn’s Wǔyī dock (五一码头; Wǔyī Mǎtóu), heading past ancient pagodas to the Buddhist temple complex of Fēilái. Though it has been around for more than 1400 years, the compl…