Bus Station in Yushu

Long-distance Bus Terminal

Yùshù’s rebuilt long-distance bus terminal opened in September 2014 in combination with a new stretch of highway connecting it to Xīníng (¥191) and reducing travel time to just 10 to 13 hours.
Bus in Golmud

Golmud Long-distance Bus Station

There are buses to a number of destinations in Qīnghǎi and neighbouring provinces from Golmud’s main bus station, opposite the train station. Destinations include Dūnhuáng (¥115, 10 hours, 9am & 11am), Huātǔgōu …
Train in Golmud

Golmud Railway Station

Trains to Lhasa (hard sleeper ¥375, 14 hours) depart from Golmud Railway Station late in the evening or past midnight; you’ll need your Tibet permit to be in order to board. Trains also go to Xīníng (hard sleeper ¥2…
Bus in Xining

Bayi Road Bus Station

Buses to Tóngrén (¥35, four hours, every 30 minutes from 7.30am to 5pm) and Yòuníng Monastery (10.30am, ¥12, 70 minutes). Southeast of the centre.
Bus in Xining

Nanchuan West Road Passenger Transport Terminal

Buses to Guìdé (¥26, two hours, every 20 minutes from 7.35am to 5.30pm) and Mǎduō (¥100, eight hours, 8am). Located 1.5km south of the city.
Bus Station in Xining

Public Bus Terminal

Buses to Pïngān (¥5, two hours, every five minutes) and terminal station for local buses. Located 200m west of Xīníng Railway Station.
Bus in Xining

Xinning Road Passenger Transport Terminal

Buses to Lèdū (¥21, one hour, every 15 minutes from 7am to 6.45pm). Located 2.5km northwest of the city.
Bus Station in Xining

Xīníng Main Bus Station

Located 200m east of the Xīníng Railway Station. Most long-distance buses leave from here.
Bus Station in Yushu

Yùshù Provincial Bus Station

In Xīnzhài (新寨) village. Buses for Chéngdū (¥500) depart from here.