Boat in Qīngdǎo

Orient Ferry

The Qingdao to Shimonoseki boats leaves Qingdao at 8pm on Monday and Thursday and arrive in Shimonoseki at 8.30am on Wednesday and Saturday. The journey takes 36 hours.From Shimonoseki to Qingdao, the boat leaves a …
Boat in Qīngdǎo

Weidong Ferry Company

From Qingdao to Incheon, the boat leaves at 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and arrives at 10am on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; the trip takes 18 hours.From Incheon to Qingdaothe boat leaves at 5pm on Tuesday…
Cable Car in Qīngdǎo

Qīngdǎo Cable Car

This cable car transports visitors up the length of Tàipíng Hill to Qīngdǎo TV Tower, with excellent views along the way.
Tickets in Qīngdǎo

Xīn Tiānqiáo Hotel Ticket Office

A handy ticket office sells air, train and boat tickets on the ground floor of the Xīn Tiānqiáo Hotel, near the train station.
Airport in Qīngdǎo

Líutíng International Airport

Train Station in Qīngdǎo

Qīngdǎo North Train Station

Bus in Qīngdǎo

Century Mandarin Hotel

Train Station in Qīngdǎo

Train Station