Top things to do in Qingdao

Top Choice Museum in Qingdao

Han Dynasty Brick Museum

Thirty years ago, Zhang Xinkuan was a young army officer laying a road in Hénán province when he noticed the huge granite slabs they were smashing into gravel were covered in exquisite carvings. Thus began his life'…
Top Choice Church in Qingdao

St Michael’s Cathedral

Up a hill off Zhongshan Lu looms this grand Gothic- and Roman-style edifice. Completed in 1934, the church spires were supposed to be clock towers, but Chancellor Hitler cut funding of overseas projects and the plan…
Top Choice Grill in Qingdao

Wángjiě Shāokǎo

Qīngdǎo’s kebabs are legendary and these are among the best, so give them your palate's undivided attention. Join the throng outside this streetside stand gorging on lamb (羊肉; yángròu), cuttlefish (鱿鱼; yóuyú) and ch…
Top Choice Shandong in Qingdao

China Community Art & Culture

This lovely restaurant next to its namesake hotel is in a stylised Hakka roundhouse (the sort once mistaken by the CIA for missile silos). The kitchen turns out sophisticated regional cuisine from Shāndōng and Sìchu…
Top Choice Beer in Qingdao

International Beer Festival

The city’s premier party draws more than three million tipplers every August. It's not just Tsingtao on the menu, so expect a galaxy of international and domestic brands.
Park in Qingdao

Zhōngshān Park

Within central Qīngdǎo, Zhōngshān Park is a vast 69 hectares of lakes, gardens and walking paths; it's an amusement park for kids and is also the venue of lively festivals in the spring and summer. In the park’s nor…
Museum in Qingdao

Governor’s House Museum

This museum is one of Qīngdǎo’s best examples of concession-era architecture – the former German governor’s residence constructed in the style of a German palace. The building’s interior is characteristic of Jugends…
Brewery in Qingdao

Tsingtao Beer Museum

For a self-serving introduction to China’s iconic beer, head to the original and still-operating brewery. On view are old photos, preserved brewery equipment and statistics, but there are also a few fascinating glim…
Temple in Qingdao

Tiānhòu Temple

This small restored temple dedicated to Tiānhòu (天后), the patron of seafarers, has stood by the shore since 1467. The main hall contains a colourful statue of the goddess, flanked by fearsome guardians. There is als…
Street Food in Qingdao

Huángdǎo Market

In the heart of Old Town, this long-standing, frenetic street market is chock-a-block with vendors selling (depending on the time of day) squirming seafood, fried chicken, pancakes, fruit, soy milk…it’s all cheap, s…