Qingdao shopping

Mall in Qingdao

Jímòlù Market

A four-storey bargain bonanza north of Old Town. Pearls, clothing, shoes, backpacks, jade, wigs – all for the haggling. Be aware that there are a lot of knock-offs on sale here, too.
Antiques in Qingdao

Culture Street

‘Antiques’ and handicrafts sold in front of a tidy row of concession architecture north of Old Town. The most vendors come out on Saturday and Sunday.
Department Store in Qingdao


Massive general store at Nanjing Lu and Xianggang Zhonglu, fantastic for food too.
Department Store in Qingdao


Food court and supermarket at Fuzhou Nanlu and Xianggang Zhonglu.
Books in Qingdao

Book City

Vast aisles of Chinese media and some books in English too.
Mall in Qingdao


Multilevel shopping and a supermarket.
Mall in Qingdao

Marina City

International brands plus an ice rink.