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Getting There & Away

One bus runs from the west bus station in Tàiyuán to Qìkǒu (¥70, four hours, 10.30am). If you miss it, or are coming from Píngyáo, you will have to go through nearby Líshí (离石).

Regular buses go from Tàiyuán to Líshí (¥75, three hours, half-hourly from 7am to 7pm). There are two daily buses from Píngyáo (¥45, two hours, 8.30am and 12.30pm). From Líshí’s long-distance bus station (长途汽车站; chángtú qìchēzhàn), take bus 5 (¥1, 25 minutes) to the Jìniàn Běi (纪念北) crossroads where buses to Qìkǒu (¥20, 1½ hours, 7am to 7pm) depart.

There’s one daily bus from Qìkǒu to Tàiyuán (¥80), but it leaves very early at 5.30am. There are hourly buses to Líshí from Qìkǒu until around 4pm. From Líshí, there are many buses back to Tàiyuán (¥70, from 7am to 8pm), two to Píngyáo (¥45, 8am and 1.40pm) and one to Xī’ān (¥183, eight hours, 11.30am).