Top things to do in Putuoshan

Buddhist Temple in Putuoshan

Pǔjì Temple

Fronted by large ponds and overlooked by towering camphor trees and Luóhàn pines, this recently restored Chan (Zen) temple stands by the main square and dates to at least the 17th century. Beyond chubby Milefo sitti…
Buddhist Temple in Putuoshan

Fǎyǔ Temple

Colossal camphor trees and a huge gingko tree tower over this Chan (Zen) temple, where a vast glittering statue of Guanyin sits resplendently in the main hall, flanked by 18 luóhàn effigies. Each luóhàn has a name –…
Vegetarian in Putuoshan


Far more upscale (and with prices to match) than a typical temple canteen, Zǎozǐshù serves up delicacies like stir-fried tea mushrooms (干煸茶菇; gānbiān chágū) and stewed papaya with snow lotus seed (瓜田雪莲; guātián xuěl…
Statue in Putuoshan

South Sea Guanyin

The first thing you see as you approach Pǔtuóshān by boat is this 33m-high glittering statue of Guanyin, overlooking the waves at the southernmost tip of the island. It's the symbol of the island.
Mountain in Putuoshan

Fódǐng Mountain

A steep but beautifully shaded half-hour climb can be made up Fódǐng Mountain – Buddha’s Summit Peak – the highest point on the island. This is also where you will find Huìjì Temple. Watch devout pilgrims and Buddhi…
Island in Putuoshan


The very small island of Luòjiāshān, southeast of Pǔtuóshān, has its own temples and pagodas and makes for a fun expedition. The ferry (round trip including admission to Luòjiāshān ¥70, 25 minutes) departs at 7am, 8…
Cave in Putuoshan

Cháoyáng Cave

At the jutting point that marks the boundary between One Hundred Step Beach and One Thousand Step Beach, 'Sun-facing' Cave is a small, rarely visited grotto with altars inside to Guanyin. The sound of the roaring wa…
Cave in Putuoshan

Guānyīn Cave

Crouch with an arched back into this magnificent, smoky and mysterious old grotto with a low, head-scraping ceiling to witness its assembly of Guanyins carved from the rock face along with small effigies of the godd…
Beach in Putuoshan

One Thousand Step Beach

Pǔtuóshān’s largest beach stretches all along the northeast coast of the island – a long unspoilt stretch of blonde sand. Swimming is only permitted between May and August until 6pm, but any time of year it’s a love…
Museum in Putuoshan

Buddhism Museum

This small museum contains some of the Ming and Qing dynasty relics from Pǔtuóshān's temples, including effigies in bronze and jade and ritual implements, with some English signage. The entrance is not well marked, …