Putuoshan restaurants

Vegetarian in Putuoshan


Far more upscale (and with prices to match) than a typical temple canteen, Zǎozǐshù serves up delicacies like stir-fried tea mushrooms (干煸茶菇; gānbiān chágū) and stewed papaya with snow lotus seed (瓜田雪莲; guātián xuěl…
Vegetarian in Putuoshan

Huìjì Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

The vegetarian canteen at this hilltop temple serves up humble but filling and healthy bowls of stewed vegetables, tofu and rice. Buy a ticket and help yourself.
Vegetarian in Putuoshan

Pǔjì Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

A vegetarian canteen inside Pǔjì Temple, serving great value meals. Buy a ticket at the 'box office' and then grab a bowl.