Top things to do in Pingyao

Top Choice Mountain in Pingyao

Mián Shān

With vertiginous and dizzying cliffs alongside a deep gorge, this astonishing mountain area is a splendid day trip from Píngyáo. Lined with precariously perched temple architecture, scenic gully walks and breathtaki…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Pingyao

Zhènguó Temple

While not as famous as Shuānglín Temple, Zhènguó Temple also houses a magnificent collection of old halls and ancient statues. Don't miss the still-living 1000-year-old Dragon Scholar Tree. The incredible Hall of th…
Top Choice Buddhist Site in Pingyao

Shuānglín Temple

Within easy reach of Píngyáo, this astonishing Buddhist temple houses many incredibly rare, intricately carved Tang, Song and Yuan painted statues. Rebuilt in 1571, it’s an impressive complex of ancient halls: the i…
Top Choice Chinese in Pingyao

Tianyuankui Guesthouse

With warm wooden furnishings and floral cushions, friendly staff, free wi-fi and soft music, this restaurant has an easygoing vibe that invites travellers to linger over their meals. The English iPad menu has photos…
Top Choice Chinese in Pingyao


Traveller-friendly, but no worse for that, this welcoming and popular little restaurant has a simple and tasty menu (in English) of northern Chinese dishes such as dumplings (¥25), plus all the local faves. Try the …
Historic Site in Pingyao

Píngyáo City Walls

A good place to start your Píngyáo experience is the magnificent city walls; they date from 1370 and are among the most complete in the nation. At 10m high and more than 6km in circumference, they are punctuated by …
Museum in Pingyao

Rìshēngchāng Financial House Museum

Not to be missed, this museum began life as a humble dye shop in the late 18th century before its tremendous success as a business saw it transform into China’s first draft bank (1823), eventually expanding to 57 br…
Monument in Pingyao

Nine Dragon Screen

The old Píngyáo Theatre (大戏堂; Dàxì Táng) has been converted into a hotel's banquet hall, but it is fronted by this magnificent stone wall.
Cave in Pingyao

Zhāngbì Underground Castle

This 1400-year-old network of defence tunnels, stretching underground for 10km, are the oldest and longest series of such tunnels in China. Built at the end of the Sui dynasty in case of attack by Tang dynasty invad…
Historic Building in Pingyao

Wang Family Courtyard

More castle than cosy home, this grand Qing-dynasty former residence has been very well maintained (note the wooden galleries fronting many of the courtyard buildings). Due to the sheer size, the seemingly endless p…