Park in Lìjiāng

Black Dragon Pool Park

On the northern edge of town is the Black Dragon Pool Park; its view of Yùlóng Xuěshān is an obligatory photo shoot in southwestern China. The Dōngbā Research Institute is part of a renovated complex on the hillside…
Cultural Centre in Lìjiāng

Dōngbā Research Institute

The Dōngbā Research Institute is part of a renovated complex on the hillside north of the old town. Here you can see Naxi cultural artefacts and scrolls featuring a unique pictograph script.
Pavilion in Lìjiāng

Looking at the Past Pavillion

The Looking at the Past Pavilion was raised for tourists at a cost of over one million yuán. It's famed for a unique design using dozens of four-storey pillars – unfortunately these were culled from northern Yúnnán …
Historic Site in Lìjiāng

Mu Family Mansion

The former home of a Naxi chieftain, the Mu Family Mansion was heavily renovated (more like built from scratch) after the devastating earthquake that struck Lìjiāng in 1996. Mediocre captions do a poor job of introd…
Museum in Lìjiāng

Museum of Naxi Dongba Culture

The Museum of Naxi Dongba Culture houses displays on Naxi dress and culture, Dōngbā script, Lìjiāng's old town and the dubious claim that the region is the 'real' Shangri-la. It is at the Black Dragon Pool Park's no…
Monastery in Shangri-la

Ganden Sumtseling Gompa

About an hour’s walk north of town is this 300-year-old Tibetan monastery complex with around 600 monks. Extensive rebuilding has robbed the monastery of some of its charm, but it remains the most important in south…
Frescoes in Báishā

Dàbǎojī Palace

Good collection of frescoes. Note that you'll have to show the ¥80 Lìjiāng town entrance ticket to get in.
Museum in Lúgū Lake

Mosuo Folk Custom Museum

This museum in Luòshuǐ is set within the traditional home of a wealthy Mosuo family, and the obligatory guide will explain how the matriarchal society functions. There is also an interesting collection of photos tak…
Bridge in Shangri-la

Tiānshēng Bridge

Approximately 15km southeast of Shangri-la is the Tiānshēng Bridge. Local Tibetans believe that the sulphur-rich water can cure any number of skin ailments and other health issues. There is a co-ed swimming pool and…
Market in Lìjiāng

Zhōngyì Market

Market selling produce, copper items and livestock. If you are craving a slice of old Lìjiāng this is where you’ll find it.