Northern Sichuan restaurants

Tibetan in Jiuzhaigou National Park

Ā Bù Lǔ Zī

The fanciest Tibetan restaurant in Jiǔzhàigōu, this excellent establishment is run by the same family behind Zhuo Ma’s Homestay (Zhuo Ma’s brother, Ke Zhu, is a Lhasa- and Běijīng-trained chef). There's an extensive…
Noodles in Langzhong

Zhēng Zīwèi

This friendly noodle joint is run by Grace, an English teacher and zither (箏; zhēng) player, and her cook husband. No English menu, but Grace can make suggestions. If she’s teaching or performing when you visit, go …
Cafe in Songpan

Emma’s Kitchen

Sōngpān’s main traveller hang-out is this laid-back cafe with wi-fi and fresh coffee (from ¥28), pizza and other Western fare, along with a range of Chinese dishes. Emma is exceedingly knowledgable and can sort out …
Teahouse in Songpan

Lǎo Wū Cháyuán

Through an unassuming archway near the east end of Yìng Yuè Qiáo is this buzzing courtyard teahouse, a local favourite. The house special, spicy liángfěn (凉粉; ¥8), made of mung bean and potato starch, won the prize …
Tibetan in Jiuzhaigou National Park

Rúyìlínkă Càipŭ

Stop in for tasty Tibetan dishes (and beers) – the meat pie (牛肉烤饼; niúròukăobĭng; ¥58) is extremely tasty, and large enough for leftovers that can make an excellent breakfast in the park the next morning. To get her…
Chinese in Songpan

Song in the Mountain

Run by the helpful Sarah Yang, this small restaurant serves a variety of simple but tasty Western and Chinese dishes at reasonable prices. Dozens of hand-written endorsements line the walls, testifying to its ongoin…
Tibetan in Four Sisters Mountain

Eight Treasures Restaurant

With meat sourced directly from the high-altitude grasslands for special dishes such as cowboy-style roast chicken and matsutake chicken stew, this is a good place to splash out for a celebratory meal after a long d…
Sichuan in Langzhong

Chuānbĕi Liángfĕn

Outside the central old town just before the Fēng Shuǐ Museum, this busy restaurant is best known for the namesake bean-starch noodles, but the wide selection of Sìchuān-style favourites are all good.
Sichuan in Songpan

Rǔ Zǎi Niú Diǎn

A soothing meal after a long trek into the grasslands: start with a pot of the house specialty, a unique, non-spicy tomato-based soup, and then add your choice of fixings: thinly sliced beef (鲜牛肉; xiān niúròu), chic…
Buffet in Jiuzhaigou National Park

Nuòrìlǎng Junction Tourist Service Center

Above the central bus stops at the junction of Jiǔzhàigōu's three main valleys, the tourist centre has a selection of buffet dining available for ¥68, ¥98 or ¥138 based on the options offered. Push in through the so…