Northern Sichuan drinking and nightlife

Bar in Four Sisters Mountain

Iced Rock Bar

A quiet cafe by day and lively bar by night (occasionally with jam sessions by the Chéngdū-native musician/owner), Iced Rock Bar is one of the hallmarks of Four Sisters and a must-visit to celebrate or commiserate a…
Tea Garden in Songpan

Yùyuàn Nóngjiālè

Set in an open-air garden with an eclectic array of furnishing, this family-run teahouse (tea from ¥2, dishes from ¥5) has a number of shady nooks that make for a great place to unwind after a long day hiking or hor…
Teahouse in Songpan

Míngjiāngyuàn Teahouse

Though the poorly lit entryway down a stairway off Xiashuiguan Jie may be initially off-putting, the riverfront terrace and tea (from ¥2) is a nice surprise on the other end. The inside gets quite smoky, so visit on…
Cafe in Songpan

Zūwū Heritage House

Centred on a large tree-shaded courtyard, this combination teahouse/cafe/guesthouse is a chilled-out place to relax by day or a classy spot for a drink by night with drinks for all hours starting from around ¥20.
Cafe in Jiuzhaigou National Park

Star Cafe

A chill hang-out, Star Cafe has a decent selection of fresh coffee (from ¥25) and cold beer (from ¥15) and wine, plus a range of international dishes (¥20 to ¥48) from the most common tourist nationalities. There’s …