Northern Sichuan attractions

Top Choice National Park in Four Sisters Mountain

Hǎizi Valley

Considered by many the most beautiful of the three valleys in the Four Sisters Mountain area, Hǎizi Valley's eponymous lakes and majestic views of the Four Sisters peaks make it hard to disagree. It's a steep walk f…
Temple in Langzhong

Zhang Fei Temple

This temple is the tomb of local boy Zhang Fei, a respected general during the kingdom of Shu and hero of the Three Kingdoms epics, who administered the kingdom from here until his murder in the year 221. It’s on Xi…
Historic Building in Langzhong

Imperial Examination Hall

The best-preserved Qing-era imperial examination hall in China, with a number of in-character actors on hand to pose for photographs. On Xuedao Jie (学道街), which is parallel to Wumiao Jie, one block north.
National Park in Northern Sichuan

Huánglóng National Park

A trip to Huánglóng National Park is essentially a three- to four-hour, moderate hike up and down one small valley. However, the valley is stunning, with exquisite terraces of coloured limestone ponds in blues, gree…
National Park in Four Sisters Mountain

Shuāngqiáo Valley

The longest of the three main valleys in the Four Sisters Mountain area is also the most accessible to tourists, with a wooden boardwalk that runs for about 30km of the valley's 40km length and regular shuttle buses…
National Park in Four Sisters Mountain

Chángpíng Valley

While the first hour or so of the valley walk is on a wooden boardwalk, after that it's muddy trails through yak-filled pastures and dense forests all the way to the end. There's a shuttle (¥20) from the tourist cen…
Gate in Songpan

West Gate

Atop a massive hill to the west of Sōngpān, the reconstructed West Gate is also the site of the only remaining section of original city wall. It's a steep climb up from the old town via either the Guānyīn Temple or …
Mountain in Langzhong

Jǐnpíng Park

Considered an essential element of the feng shui balance of ancient Lángzhōng and holy to Taoists, Jǐnpíng is dotted with pavilions, temples and caves. To get here, catch a ferry (¥3, from 8am to 6pm) across the riv…
Tower in Langzhong

Jǐnpíng Gate

Originally constructed in 1371 and renovated in 1767, the current version of Jǐnpíng Gate is a 2010 rebuild. Join art students sketching from the top in admiring the old town's slate rooftops from the concrete stair…
Buddhist Monastery in Songpan

Shàngníbā Monastery

A two-hour hike or horse ride east over the hills from Sōngpān, this small Tibetan Buddhist monastery sits in a picturesque valley among small minority villages. One-day horse trips often head out here for a roughly…