Top things to do in Northern Ngari

Top Choice Hot Springs in Northern Ngari

King Tiger Hot Springs

The Tagyel Chutse (King Tiger Hot Springs) are a Yellowstone-style collection of bubbling hot springs and puffing steam outlets that seem to lead straight down into the bowels of the earth. Local Tibetans use the wa…
Lake in Tsochen

Tsari Nam-tso

One excellent half-day or overnight excursion from Tsochen is to Tsari (Zhari) Nam-tso, a huge and spectacular salt lake that remains totally undeveloped. Most people head for a viewpoint halfway along the northern …
Lake in Northern Ngari


This large turquoise lake is one of Tibet's most beautiful and is a fine place to camp if you’re prepared for the cold and especially the altitude (around 5150m).If you’ve come from a night or two at Everest Base Ca…
Chinese in Tsochen

Lhatse Tashi Restaurant

Opposite the Lhatse Tashi Dronkhang hotel, this restaurant is owned by the same people and offers cosy Tibetan seating and a good range of food, served by both Chinese and Tibetan cooks.
Buddhist Monastery in Tsochen

Mendong Monastery

At the east end of the 2km-long town, walk through the Tibetan quarter along Guangxi Lu to this small friendly gompa with 18 monks. The atmospheric inner chapel of the main prayer hall holds the funeral chörten of l…
Tibetan in Tsochen

Tokyeling Teahouse

This spacious and cosy teahouse underneath the Plateau Impression Hotel is popular with local Tibetans, primarily for its tasty yak meat momos and milk tea by the mug.