Northern Garzê Prefecture restaurants

Tibetan in Gānzī

Lake Mamosarovor Tibetan Restaurant

The friendly Tibetan family that run this restaurant serve a variety of authentic Tibetan dishes and a few local Sìchuān favourites, as well as a selection of tea styles from across the Tibetan cultural regions. It'…
Tibetan in Báiyù

Kăwăkăbù Zàngcān

Despite the lack of menus, ordering here is easy as the friendly Tibetan family drag you by the arm back into the kitchen for a look. Don't think too hard, though: the momos (牛肉包子; ¥2 each) are fantastic, among the …
Tibetan in Dégé

Kāngbā Zàngcān

This Tibetan teahouse serves authentic Tibetan food, plus tea and beer. There’s a picture menu, but if you're stumped try one of these Tibetan favourites: yak-meat pie (牛肉饼; niúròu bǐng; ¥30), yak-meat momos (¥20), …
Gansu in Mǎnígāngē

Qǐngzhān Gānsù Línxià Miànpiàn

This popular Muslim restaurant run by a friendly couple from Gānsù province makes a nice change from Sìchuān or Tibetan fare. The specialty noodle dish on offer is the beef noodle slices (牛肉面片; niúròu miànpiàn; ¥13)…
Tibetan in Mǎnígāngē

Xĭmălāyă Zàngcān

This combined teahouse and restaurant serves up Tibetan favourites on the cheap. There's no menu, so if you get stuck order the momos (牛肉包子; niúròu bāozi) by the piece (¥1 each) and then grab a table by the window o…
Tibetan in Dānbā

Himalaya Tibetan Restaurant

Tibetan dishes in a homey dining room are made even more tempting by an enticing photo menu. We dare you not to over-order. From the Legou Superstore (uphill from the bus station on the left), walk upstairs into the…
Sichuan in Yàqīng

Yīpĭn Tiānxià

One of the only restaurants in Yàqīng that expands upon the standard vegetarian set menu, this small establishment just beyond the bus drop-off area also serves a selection of Sìchuān favourites (¥20 to ¥30).
Tibetan in Tǎgōng

Rinchen Wangmu Tibetan Restaurant

Run by a friendly Tibetan owner/chef, this Tibetan cafe just across from the main square is one of the tastiest in town (and one of the few with an English menu).