Northern Garzê Prefecture drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Dege

Jiàng Hóng Relay Station

This little cafe serves small snacks such as chicken wings and fries (from ¥15), OK coffee (¥30), and has cushy sofas. The owner lets out the very basic upstairs rooms (expect cloth-covered windows, very low ceiling…
Teahouse in Dege

Syokar Teahouse

The people-watching from this 2nd-floor teahouse overlooking the river is just as much a draw as the tea and Tibetan snacks (from ¥15) on the menu. It's the first building on the left just across the bridge to the B…
Teahouse in Tagong

Hépíng Fǎhùi Teahouse

Picture windows overlooking the Hépíng Religious University are a major draw to this teahouse on an outcrop at the top of Hépíng Fǎhùi, as are the prices: tea from ¥5 and simple snacks from ¥3.