Xiānhè Lóu

Chinese Islamic in Yinchuan

This fantastic, cavernous place opens round the clock, serving both big spenders and budget seekers. You could splash out on the pricey fish dishes or the gorgeous kǎoyángpái (烤羊排, barbecued ribs; ¥110) from the picture menu, but a half catty or jīn of fried lamb dumplings (羊肉煎饺, yángròu jiānjiǎo; ¥30) makes a filling meal for one, arriving with a crimson soy sauce and chilli dip.

The closely related, but boiled and un-fried, shuǐjiǎo (dumplings) are a house speciality. Again, a half jīn is a filling meal for one. There's another branch around the corner on Zhongshan Nanjie.