Ngari restaurants

Top Choice Chinese in Purang

Peacock Restaurant

This place has a good range of tasty Chinese dishes and friendly service in pleasant surroundings.
Uyghur in Ali

Uyghur Ashkhana

For a taste of Central Asia head to this popular Uyghur restaurant (ashkhana in Turkic), 100m from the main roundabout. A bowl of suoman (fried noodle squares) and a couple of kebabs make for a great meal. The smell…
Chinese in Tsochen

Lhatse Tashi Restaurant

Opposite the Lhatse Tashi Dronkhang hotel, this restaurant is owned by the same people and offers cosy Tibetan seating and a good range of food, served by both Chinese and Tibetan cooks.
Tibetan in Darchen & Mt Kailash

Markham Teahouse

A cosy Tibetan teahouse whose comfy sofas beckon for sweet tea, breakfast omelettes, noodles and fried dishes, all easy to order on a picture menu. It's on the upper floor, above a shop, on the southwestern corner o…
Chinese Islamic in Darchen & Mt Kailash

Qīnghǎi Salar Noodle Shop

There's a good range of excellent-value and tasty noodle or rice sets at this tiny but super-clean place run by Salar Muslims, an ethnic group from Qīnghǎi. The picture menu on the wall makes ordering a breeze.
Sichuan in Darchen & Mt Kailash

Héruìtáng Fàndiàn

One of many Sìchuānese places on Darchen's main drag, but with a well-translated English menu with photos and even a spiciness rating. The Hunanese dishes are tasty and the owner is friendly.
Tibetan in Tsochen

Tokyeling Teahouse

This spacious and cosy teahouse underneath the Plateau Impression Hotel is popular with local Tibetans, primarily for its tasty yak meat momos and milk tea by the mug.
Supermarket in Ali

Bǎiyì Supermarket

To top up supplies try this huge supermarket in the centre of town.