Top things to do in Nanxun

Historic Building in Nanxun

Zhangshiming's Former Residence

The grandest of Nánxún's wealthy merchant homes looks like a classic Chinese manor, with ornate carvings in wood, stone and brick – until you reach deep into the interior, which hides a European-style ballroom, comp…
Noodles in Nanxun


One of Nánxún's local specialities is shuāng jiāo miàn (双浇面), a kind of long thin wheat noodle in a rich, dark soy broth. This is the most popular shop in which to try it, though it looks nearly identical to others …
Historic Site in Nanxun


Oddly overlooked by most visitors, this stretch of 100 (or so) wooden row houses, flanking a narrow canal, is Nánxún's most charming spot. Most houses are still lived in, with residents running small tea shops on th…
Historic Building in Nanxun

Liu's Former House

Nicknamed the red house, this two-faced structure has a traditional Chinese front house and a back one of red brick. It up to a courtyard with classical Roman columns, which are naturally a popular selfie spot.
Historic Building in Nanxun

Lesser Lotus Villa

Nánxún's most famous attraction is this sprawling villa, though its best feature only shines in summer, when the lotus flowers in the courtyard pond blossom into a postcard-worthy sight.