Top things to do in Nanning

Top Choice Guangxi in Nanning

Āmóu Delicious Eats

Unique and flavourful ethnic dishes served on a photogenic wind-and-rain bridge or in a dining room, both within the lovely garden of the Guǎngxī Museum. There's a huge range of ethnic food, from fried pork belly di…
Top Choice Bar in Nanning

Queen's Head

With cider on tap (¥40), good cocktails, a London tube map on the wall, and posters of Big Ben, the London Eye and Union Jacks, this anglophone pub has a decent range of imported beers and a fun, likeable atmosphere…
Top Choice Guangxi in Nanning

Gānjiājiè Lemon Duck

One of eight branches in town, the star here is the flavourful lemon duck (柠檬鸭; níngméngyā), a Nánníng dish that cooks the fowl with pickled lemon peel, ginger, garlic and chilli. You'd be quackers not to try it. Ch…
Top Choice Live Music in Nanning

King of Live

Nánníng's only 'live house' (live-music venue) sees indie bands from China and overseas doing three to 10 gigs a month. It's inside a building's car park in the pleasant but out-of-the-way university neighbourhood o…
Village in Nanning


A former market town on the Yōng River (邕江; Yōng Jiāng), Yángměi was founded a millennium ago and flourished in the 17th century, earning the nickname 'Little Nánníng'.Spend a couple of hours wandering the cobbled s…
Museum in Nanning

Guǎngxī Museum

This fairly interesting but very dated museum showcases Qing ceramics, art and calligraphy with Guǎngxī characteristics, and the customs of ethnic minorities. The collection of ancient copper drums is one of China's…
Guangxi in Nanning

Líyŭ Cūn

Hearty Guìlín specialities are the highlights of this bustling place with a faux-rustic interior, including good Yángshuò beer fish (阳朔啤酒鱼; yángshuò píjiǔyú) and fried pork knuckle (鸿运招财手; hóngyùn zhāocáishŏu). It's…
Arts & Crafts in Nanning

Mínzú Chuántǒng Shēnghuóguǎn

This shop downstairs to the rear of the Guangxi Museum sells a lovely collection of Dong-style shoulder bags, wall hangings, embroideries, fabrics and other colourful souvenirs and gift items.
Chinese in Nanning

Muslim Hotel

If you want to sample some flavours from the other side of China, this Muslim eatery inside a green building serves cheap, generous and hearty noodles on the ground floor, and northwestern Chinese fare on the 1st fl…
Park in Nanning

South Lake Park

This 193-hectare park, around 2.5km east of the Guǎngxī Museum, has dozens of species of trees including some rare ones, but you don't have to be a botanist to enjoy it. The setting is lovely and some of the foliage…