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Sháoguān (韶关) is your gateway to Nánlǐng. Buses (¥75 to ¥95, 3½ hours) leave Guǎngzhōu’s long-distance bus stations for Sháoguān’s Xīhé bus station every hour (6.50am to 8.30pm).

If you miss the bus to Wúzhǐshān, catch a bus to Rǔyuán (乳源; ¥10, one hour, every 15 minutes). From Rǔyuán, three buses to Wúzhǐshān (¥10) leave at 9am, 12.45pm and 4.30pm, or you can hire a taxi (¥90).

In Wúzhǐshān, buses to Sháoguān leave at 7.30am, 12.30pm and 3.30pm.


High-speed trains (¥105, one hour) leave from Guǎngzhōu South railway station for Sháoguān train station (韶关高铁站, Sháoguān Gāotiézhàn). From there, board bus 22 and get off at Xīhé bus station. Buses to Wúzhǐshān (¥22, two hours) depart at 8am, 11.45am and 3.30pm.

Guǎngzhōu’s main train station has trains that stop over at Sháoguān East train station (¥38, 2½ hours). Buses to Wúzhǐshān leave at 7.45am, 11.15am and 3.15pm.