Come here with water and your walking boots. There are four trails, most of which can be completed in under three hours.

The Nánlǐng National Forest Park entrance is at the southern end of the village of Wúzhǐshān (五指山), which is small enough to cover on foot. Farmers nearby do their weekly shopping and stock clearance at Wúzhǐshān’s lively Sunday market. Staying in Orange House here will give you access to the park the next day. Just get your ticket and receipt stamped at the hotel.

From Wúzhǐshān it’s 6km to the start of the trails to Pùbù Chángláng waterfalls and Water Valley, and another 6km to Little Yellow Mountain. The best way of getting around is to hire a car from Wúzhǐshān. For between ¥350 and ¥500 you can hire one for the whole day. The driver can drop you at one end of the trail and wait for you at the other. A one-way trip to the lower entrance of the trail to Little Yellow Mountain costs ¥120.