Top Choice Noodles in Nánjīng

Xiānmǎn Táng Shíguō Mǐxiàn

If you've only ¥16 to your name and you're half-starved, hand your cash over to the staff. For ¥16 to ¥18 you can get a vast steaming bowl of rice noodles with copious amounts of chicken, beef, pork or fish thrown i…
Peking Duck in Nánjīng

Běijīng Kǎoyādiàn

This place is reasonably elegant and certainly no dive, yet you can order up half a Peking duck (半只烤鸭; bànzhī kǎoyā) here for a paltry ¥39, including scallions, cucumbers and pancakes. That's a meal for one sorted. …