Top Choice Museum in Nánjīng

Nánjīng Museum

This fabulous museum had a massive and lavish expansion in 2013 with a brand new, dramatically modern exhibition block added next to its traditional, temple-style hall. All sleekly designed with lashings of marble a…
Museum in Nánjīng

Imperial Examinations History Museum

This museum is a reconstruction of the building where scholars once spent months – or years – in tiny cells studying Confucian classics in preparation for the exacting civil-service examinations. The exhibition prov…
Museum in Nánjīng

Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum

Hong Xiuquan, the Hakka leader of the quasi-Christian Taiping, had a palace built in Nánjīng (then named Tiānjīng or 'Heavenly Capital'), but the building was completely destroyed when Nánjīng was bloodily retaken i…