Nanchang attractions

Village in Nanchang


This rarely visited, 1100-year-old village, its uneven stone-flagged alleys etched with centuries of wear, provides a history-laden rural escape from urban Nánchāng.A lazy amble around the village will take you thro…
Park in Nanchang

Bāyī Square

Where the Communist Party first insurged, you'll now find groups of Chinese, young and old, walking, dancing, hawking and laughing throughout this popular park in the heart of the city. Best enjoyed just after dusk …
Monument in Nanchang

Téngwáng Pavilion

This nine-storey pagoda is the city’s drawcard monument, first erected during Tang times, but destroyed and rebuilt no less than 29 times, most recently in 1989. Traditional music performances are played on the 6th …
Buddhist Site in Nanchang

Yòumín Temple

This large, still-active temple was heavily damaged during the Cultural Revolution, but contains some notable statuary.
Museum in Nanchang

Former Headquarters of the Nánchāng Uprising

Wartime paraphernalia for rainy days and enthusiasts of the CCP. Admission free with passport.