Top things to do in Mudanjiang

Waterfall in Jingpo Lake

Diàoshuǐlóu Waterfall

This waterfall boasts a 12m drop and 300m span. During the rainy season (June to September), when Diàoshuǐlóu is in full throttle, it’s a spectacular raging beauty, but during spring and autumn it’s little more than…
Forest in Jingpo Lake

Underground Forest

Despite its name, the Underground Forest isn’t below the earth; instead it has grown within volcano craters that erupted some 10,000 years ago, giving the appearance of trees sinking into the earth. Hiking around th…
Dumplings in Mudanjiang

Shuānglóng Jiǎozi Wáng

There’s a wide selection of jiǎozi (stuffed dumplings) here, as well as the usual Dōngběi classics. As you turn left off Taiping Jie, the restaurant is the big glass building with the red signboard on the right. It …