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3-Day Private Winter Tour to Mohe-County, Arctic Village Scenic Area, Yanzhi Valley and Santa Claus House From Harbin

Mohe County is located the end of north in China, belonging to Daxinganling Mohe County, Heilongjiang province, with the Amur region of Russia and Chita across the river. Due to the unique geographical location, rich resources, unique weather, “bright golden head of Pearl" reputation. Mohe County Town, in the end of north in China, is known as "the Chinese Arctic village".The winter of Mohe County is very long,  start from November to the end of April,  half year winter time, winter weather cold is minus 20-40 degree below zero, It is the coldest place in China;The Important thing is that you come to travel in Beijicun Forest Park, you are not only enjoy beautiful snow but also you will have chance to see aurora borealis in Arctic village scenic park, Mohe County is only one place you can see aurora borealis. Your 3 days 2 nights tour, you will discovery, Mohe Coutry,Beijicun Forest Park,Yanzhi Valley and Santa Claus House.
3 days