Meizhou attractions

Top Choice Historic Building in Meizhou

Xuán Villa

Foreboding and beautiful Xuán Villa was built in 1936 by a wealthy Malaysian Chinese who was a member of a secret society tied to Sun Yatsen. Parts of the building doubled up as an air-raid shelter. If the owners le…
Village in Meizhou

Nánkǒu Village

This quiet village about 16km west of Méizhōu is where you’ll see fine examples of wéilóngwū (围龙屋) dwellings nestled between paddy fields and the hills, like dragons in repose. If you make your way to the back of Dō…
House in Meizhou

Huang Zunxian Memorial

The former home of famous Qing dynasty era Méizhōu writer-philosopher Huang Zunxian (1848–1905) is hands on, allowing you to sit in the Lǐngnán-style courtyard table under a small painted pagoda and ponder civilisat…
Park in Meizhou

Hakka Park

Pebbled paths and a willow-fringed pond make this small park on the north bank of the Méijiāng River a delight to stroll around in. The Hakka Museum here offers a quick warm-up to the culture of Hakkaland, and there…
Temple in Meizhou

Méizhōu Thousand Buddha Pagoda

Cast in AD 965, there are indeed 1000 buddha statues (250 on each side) of varying sizes on the iron pagoda that sits on a 36m-high tower. The complex itself surprises with each turn as it takes you through an ascen…
Museum in Meizhou

Hakka Museum

This museum inside Hakka Park (客家公园; Kèjiā Gōngyuán) on the north bank of the Méijiāng River is a good warm-up to the culture of Hakkaland with model 'coiled dragon houses'. If you're interested, there's a part two …
Street in Meizhou

Méizhōu Old Street

Méizhōu's sleepy Old Street covers four blocks on Lingfeng Lu. There's not much to see by way of building design, but there are traditional industries that cannot be found elsewhere producing fishing implements, fun…
Historic Site in Meizhou

Huā’è Lóu

The 400-year-old ‘house of calyx’, 20km south of Méizhōu, is the largest circular earthen castle in Guǎngdōng. It comes complete with three rings and stone walls more than 1m thick. There's no public transport to H…
Monument in Meizhou

Memorial Arch of the Father & Son Graduates

This handsome granite edifice from 1610 stands before a school. The arch was set up by the Ming government to commemorate a father and son who were both successful candidates in the imperial exams.