Mănzhōulǐ restaurants

Russian in Mănzhōulǐ

Rubles Restaurant

The hottest Russian restaurant in town, Rubles packs them in for deliciously rustic fare like syrniki (西米丹奶酪饼; xī mǐ dān nǎilào bǐng; ¥12), traditional Russian pancakes filled with oozing cheese. And don't miss out …
Russian in Mănzhōulǐ

Bèijiā'ěr Hú Xī Cāntīng

The name of the place translates as 'Lake Baikal Western Restaurant', giving some indication of its target audience. Rub shoulders with Russians who come for robust Chinese-style Russian dishes such as borscht and s…
Dumplings in Mănzhōulǐ

Qīnghuā Jiǎozi Guǎn

This popular eatery just across the pedestrian bridge from the station serves up all manner of dumplings and cold beer, with a picture menu detailing a huge variety of Chinese dishes, including spicy grilled lamb sk…