Manigange restaurants

Gansu in Manigange

Qǐngzhān Gānsù Línxià Miànpiàn

This popular Muslim restaurant run by a friendly couple from Gānsù province makes a nice change from Sìchuān or Tibetan fare. The specialty noodle dish on offer is the beef noodle slices (牛肉面片; niúròu miànpiàn; ¥13)…
Tibetan in Manigange

Xĭmălāyă Zàngcān

This combined teahouse and restaurant serves up Tibetan favourites on the cheap. There's no menu, so if you get stuck order the momos (牛肉包子; niúròu bāozi) by the piece (¥1 each) and then grab a table by the window o…