Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Taipa

Cunha Bazaar

This four-storey shop on the corner of Taipa Village's Rua do Cunha pedestrian street has the motherlode of made-in-Macau gifts, T-shirts, candies and more. You'll find traditional foods like almond cookies and jerk…
Books in Macau Peninsula

Livraria Portuguesa

Right in the heart of Macau's historic district, this two-storey bookshop carries both English and Portuguese titles, including some hard-to-find Macanese cookbooks. It also stocks gift items, like imported Portugue…
Food in Macau Peninsula

Mercearia Portuguesa

The charming Portuguese corner shop opened by a film director and actress has a small but well-curated selection of provisions, which includes honey, chinaware, wooden toys and jewellery from Portugal – gorgeously p…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Macau Peninsula

Macau Design Centre

In a gritty working-class neighbourhood, this shop/gallery/exhibition space showcases Macau designers. Look out for handmade ceramics, high-quality leather bags, trendy clothes, framed graphics and more.
Books in Macau Peninsula

Pinto Livros

This upstairs reading room overlooking Largo do Senado has a decent selection of titles in art and culture, a few esoteric CDs and two resident cats.
Clothing in Macau Peninsula

Worker Playground

Worker Playground makes solid-quality baseball jackets, biker pants, and fashionably androgynous garments for men and women. The brand pays tribute to the old Workers’ Stadium, a nostalgic landmark that was razed to…
Clothing in Macau Peninsula

Macao Fashion Gallery

This place comprises a boutique on the ground floor displaying the creations of Macau designers and a (underwhelming) gallery on the upper floors with exhibitions that change every three months and showcase fashion-…
Cosmetics in Macau Peninsula

Futura Classica

This dizzyingly sweet-smelling shop is the Asian distributor of Claus Porto, a Portuguese brand of luxury soap and beauty products. It's a great place to shop for souvenirs. Prices range from MOP$50 to MOP$1000.
Clothing in Macau Peninsula

Lines Lab

Two Lisbon-trained designers opened this boutique in the Old Ladies’ House art space and created edgy Macau-inspired clothes and bags for it.