Top Choice Portuguese in Macau Peninsula

Clube Militar de Macau

Housed in a distinguished colonial building, with fans spinning lazily above, the Military Club takes you back in time to a slower and quieter Macau. The simple and delicious Portuguese fare is complemented by an ex…
Top Choice Portuguese in Taipa


The cosy mahogany-framed dining room, the meticulously thought-out menu and the entertaining chef, António Coelho, all make this the go-to place for traditional Portuguese food. If you can only try one Portuguese re…
Top Choice Cantonese in Macau Peninsula

Lung Wah Tea House

There’s grace in the retro furniture and the casual way it’s thrown together in this airy Cantonese teahouse (c 1963). Take a booth by the windows overlooking the Red Market, where the teahouse buys its produce ever…
Top Choice Portuguese in Coloane

Restaurante Fernando

Possibly Coloane's most famous restaurant, sprawling Fernando's contains two separate dining rooms and a large courtyard bar area. Devoted customers and travellers pack the chequered-tablecloth-covered tables to cho…
Top Choice Macanese in Coloane

Café Nga Tim

We love the Chinese-Portuguese food, the small-town atmosphere, the view of the Chapel of St Francis Xavier, the prices and the owner – a guitar- and erhu-strumming ex-policeman named Feeling Wong.
Top Choice Chinese in Taipa

Tai Lei Loi

South China's most famous pork-chop bun is made here – a shop founded in 1960 as a street stall by the mother of the current owner. Succulent slices of pork (or slivers of fish) are coupled with warm, chewy buns tha…
Top Choice Portuguese in Macau Peninsula

Guincho a Galera

The international branch of Portugal's famous Fortaleza do Guincho, this luxuriously decorated restaurant brings Portuguese haute cuisine to Macau. The menu features well-executed classical dishes, with a couple of …
Macanese in Macau Peninsula

A Lorcha

‘The Sailboat’ is listed in every guidebook. One reason for its popularity is that it’s within walking distance of the A-Ma Temple. If you go not expecting outstanding creativity, you’ll enjoy its solid Portuguese a…
Portuguese in Taipa

A Petisqueira

Set in an obscure alley, ‘The Snackery’ is an amicable place with myriad Portuguese choices. It serves its own queijo fresca da casa (homemade cheese). Try the bacalao (cod) five ways, and baked seafood with rice.
Macanese in Macau Peninsula

O Porto

Not to be confused with O Porto Interior on Rua do Almirante Sérgio, this modest place serves decent and affordable Macanese dishes, with a few luxuries: chequered tablecloths, football paraphernalia and warm servic…