Best restaurants in Macau

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    Fook Lam Moon

    This 1000-sq-metre branch of Hong Kong's revered Fook Lam Moon (aka 'tycoons' canteen'), lives up to its name in quality and price. This being a lavish casino restaurant, the menu favours marine delicacies such as dried abalone and sea cucumber, prepared with a perfection that has earned it a host of honours including Michelin stars.

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    The Eight is a stellar three-Michelin-starred restaurant and model of Cantonese culinary refinement inside the Grand Lisboa. You can dine on a 'simple' meal of roast meat and Cantonese soup cooked to perfection, or splurge on marine delicacies such as abalone, to the accompaniment of water cascading down a wall and crystal-dripping chandeliers. Reservations a must.

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    Jade Dragon

    At three-Michelin-starred Jade Dragon, the genius of a Cantonese master is applied to top-notch ingredients and the results are mesmerising. We've all had barbecued pork and dumplings, but the real highlights here are its lychee-wood roasted goose or Kegani crabmeat pockets. The restaurant claims to consult experts on the health benefits of its creations (though we suspect the glistening barbecued goose was exempted).

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    Sum Yuen

    You can pick from over 150 creative dishes at this modern restaurant at Pou Tai Temple. Avocado, yam and eggplant figure on the menu, in the form of sushi, teppanyaki or pudding, as do mushrooms and bamboo piths as soup or stir-fry. The cooking style is Chinese, with nods to Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia.

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    Clube Militar de Macau

    In a distinguished colonial building, with fans spinning lazily above, the Military Club takes you back in time to a quieter Macau. Simple and delicious Portuguese fare is complemented by reasonably priced wines and cheeses. The MOP$200 lunch buffet is great value, though à la carte offers more culinary refinement and a chance to taste the famous leitão (suckling pig).

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    Tapas de Portugal

    Tantalising Portuguese-style tapas are on offer at this cosy, warm-toned restaurant by the owner of Michelin-lauded António. There are over 40 to choose from and savour with Portuguese wine. After your lamb tenderloin bruschetta, suckling pig pie and scrambled eggs with asparagus and Iberico sausage on toast, you can order a main course of duck rice or the Macanese classic, African chicken.

  • Restaurants in Coloane

    Restaurante Fernando

    Possibly Coloane's most famous restaurant, sprawling Fernando's contains two separate dining rooms and a large courtyard bar. Devoted customers and travellers pack the chequered-tablecloth-covered tables to chow on plates of garlicky clams, golden roast suckling pig and piles of codfish rice. Expect lines during peak lunch and dinner times, especially on weekends. There's a fee for paying by card, so bring cash.

  • Restaurants in Macau Peninsula

    Tim’s Kitchen

    At Tim's, top ingredients are meticulously prepared using methods that highlight their original flavours, resulting in dishes that look simple but taste divine: a giant ‘glass’ prawn shares a plate with a sliver of Chinese ham; a crab claw lounges on a cushion of broth-soaked wintermelon. Seafood figures prominently on the menu, ranging from deep-fried scallops on mashed taro, to braised whole abalone.

  • Restaurants in Macau Peninsula

    Robuchon au Dôme

    Encased in a glass dome, this three Michelin-star restaurant by the late celebrity chef Joël Robuchon has everything associated with the name: tasteful contemporary decor; exquisite Gallic dishes; impeccable service; and of course, those famous mini burgers made with Wagyu beef and foie gras. The wine cellar with 16,800 bottles that it shares with other restaurants on the property is one of Asia's best.

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    Tasting Room

    Expat chef Fabrice Vulin gives his contemporary take on classical French cuisine at the elegant Tasting Room. Its affinity for unexpected texture and flavour combinations is evident: poached Gillardeau oysters lounge in a lettuce velouté with sea-water jelly; and, as a playful riff on the briny centrepiece, oyster leaves, a wild-growing plant that tastes surprisingly like oysters.

  • Restaurants in Taipa


    The cosy mahogany-framed dining room, the meticulously thought-out menu and the friendly chef, António Coelho, all make this the go-to place for traditional Portuguese food. The octopus salad, homemade sausage (served flaming) and the African chicken are exceptional; the seafood stew is also renowned among food reviewers.

  • Restaurants in Taipa

    Cafe Lisboa

    Located near the Macau Jockey Club, some distance away from Taipa Village, this simple cafe evokes Portugal with amber lighting and an old-fashioned liquor shelf. All the Portuguese classics are well represented: pig ear salad, fried bacalhau, seafood rice, arroz doce (sweetened rice), and for the hungry, there's naco na pedra – a thick chunk of steak served on a hot stone slab.

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    Riquexó Cafe

    Modest Riquexó is the place for tasty, no-frills Macanese. Take your pick of the daily options, which may include minchi, a homey dish of minced meat sautéed with diced potatoes and seasoned with soy and Worcester sauce, then sit down in the cafe and look at the old photos of Macau on the white-tiled walls as you wait for your order.

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    Golden Peacock

    Michelin-crowned Golden Peacock has a long and well-curated menu that covers all parts of India. Much thought is put into ingredient sourcing; spices and pickles are prepared in-house – and it shows. Dishes often surprise the palate in a pleasant way – the creamy Navratan korma or nine-gem curry stars French walnut oil, Himachal apple and Indian baby cucumber.

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    Espaço Lisboa

    'Lisbon Space' is unique for its use of Portugal-inspired decor inside a Chinese village house. This two-storey restaurant in Coloane Village is known for its classic Portuguese dishes, including several tasty versions of açorda – bread cooked to a paste with eggs, olive oil and parsley; our favourite is the one with seafood that originated in the Alentejo region.

  • Restaurants in Macau Peninsula

    Guincho a Galera

    The international branch of Portugal's celebrated Fortaleza do Guincho, this luxurious restaurant brings Portuguese haute cuisine to Macau. The menu features well-executed classics like feijoada, a hearty pork-and-bean stew. A set lunch of two courses and dessert is MOP$310, or you can opt for the MOP$580 five-course tasting menu.

  • Restaurants in Taipa

    A Petisqueira

    ‘The Snackery’ is an amicable place with myriad Portuguese choices. Between hanging plastic grapes and old-fashioned Chinese floor tiles, customers dine with relish on squid salad, bacalhau (cod) five ways, and homemade queijo frescal da casa (cheese), washed down with a jar of white sangria. The restaurant is set in an obscure alley but recognisable by its blue-and-white awning. Reservation advised.

  • Restaurants in Cotai


    At award-winning Mizumi, skilled Japanese chefs – specialising in tempura, teppanyaki and sushi – work their magic on top-grade ingredients from Japan with predictably excellent results. The food is complemented by personable service and Japanese garden-inspired decor in Wynn's signature gold-and-red. The summer kaiseki menu, though not cheap at MOP$1888, is good value for nine stellar, generous courses.

  • Restaurants in Macau Peninsula

    Cheong Kei

    Peak-time queues even before its Michelin recommendation are a clue that this long-standing noodle joint has a loyal following. The chewy hand-made egg noodles are addictive and best when tossed with their signature dried shrimp roe. Side dishes of curry beef brisket and stewed pork knuckle are MOP$45 each.

  • Restaurants in Cotai

    Janice Wong

    This glass-walled patisserie in the MGM lobby belongs to award-winning pastry chef Janice Wong. The display is lovely – matcha-licked croissants, rainbows of macarons, unicorn-toned eclairs and jars of satiny painting chocolate. Pick your sweets and stroll over to the 7.3m-high class-encased chocolate fountain to watch the trickle of molten streams.