Top Choice Ruins in Macau Peninsula

Ruins of the Church of St Paul

The most treasured icon in Macau, the towering facade and stairway are all that remain of this early 17th-century Jesuit church. With its statues, portals and engravings that effectively make up a ‘sermon in stone’ …
Top Choice Church in Macau Peninsula

Church of St Joseph

St Joseph’s, which falls outside the tourist circuit, is Macau’s most beautiful model of tropicalised baroque architecture. Consecrated in 1758 as part of the Jesuit seminary, it features a scalloped canopy and a st…
Top Choice Fort in Macau Peninsula

Guia Fortress & Chapel

As the highest point on the peninsula, Guia Fortress affords panoramic views of the city. At the top is the small but stunning Chapel of Our Lady of Guia, built in 1622 and retaining almost 100% of its original feat…
Top Choice Historic Building in Macau Peninsula

Chapel of Our Lady of Penha

This graceful chapel atop Penha Hill was raised as a place of pilgrimage for Portuguese sailors in the 17th century, purportedly by survivors of a ship that had narrowly escaped capture by the Dutch. Most of what yo…
Top Choice Museum in Macau Peninsula

Treasure of Sacred Art

Northeast of Largo do Senado, the 17th-century baroque Church of St Dominic contains the Treasure of Sacred Art, an Aladdin’s cave of ecclesiastical art and liturgical objects exhibited on three floors. The majority…
Top Choice Library in Macau Peninsula

Senate Library

Located in the Leal Senado, Macau's oldest and most lavish library is a beautiful adaptation of the 18th-century library in the Convento de Mafra outside Lisbon. Though much smaller, with only two rooms, it features…
Top Choice Museum in Macau Peninsula

Macau Museum of Art

This excellent five-storey museum has well-curated displays of art created in Macau and China, including paintings by Western artists such as George Chinnery, who lived in the enclave. Other highlights are ceramics …
Top Choice Library in Macau Peninsula

Sir Robert Ho Tung Library

This charming building founded in the 19th century was the country retreat of the late tycoon Robert Ho Tung, who purchased it in 1918. The colonial edifice, featuring a dome, an arcaded facade, Ionic columns and Ch…
Top Choice Historic Building in Macau Peninsula

Mandarin’s House

Built around 1869, the Mandarin’s House, with over 60 rooms, was the ancestral home of Zheng Guanying, an influential author-merchant whose readers included emperors, Dr Sun Yatsen and Chairman Mao. The compound fea…
Top Choice Area in Macau Peninsula

St Lazarus Church District

A lovely neighbourhood with colonial-style houses and cobbled streets makes for some of Macau's best photo-ops. Designers and other creative types like to gather here, setting up shop and organising artsy events.