Luoyang restaurants

Street Food in Luoyang

Old Town Night Market

Festooned with brightly lit red lanterns, this lively night market has a cornucopia of snacks from lamb kebabs (羊肉串; yángròu chuàn) and fermented soup noodles (浆面; jiāng miàn) to roasted garlic-stuffed eggplant (蒜香茄…
Henan in Luoyang

Zhēn Bù Tóng Fàndiàn Chinese

Huge place behind a colourful green, red, blue and gold traditional facade. If you can rustle up a large group, this is the place to come for a water banquet experience. But if 24 courses and ¥688 seems a little exc…
Xinjiang in Luoyang

Niūniū Dàpánjī

A Xīnjiāng speciality, dàpánjī (大盘鸡; big-plate chicken) is a spicy chicken, potato and pepper stew; halfway through the meal, handmade noodles and greens are added to the mix – the ensemble is absolutely delicious. …
Peking Duck in Luoyang

Qiánmén Kǎoyā Dàjiǔdiàn

This efficient and smart choice serves up rich and tasty roast duck, cooked by an army of white-clad chefs. There are other vegetable and meat dishes on the menu, but why bother?