Luoyang attractions

Top Choice Buddhist Site in Luoyang

Longmen Grottoes

The ravaged grottoes at Longmen constitute one of China’s handful of surviving masterpieces of Buddhist rock carving. A sutra in stone, the epic achievement of the Longmen Grottoes was commenced by chisellers from t…
Top Choice Museum in Luoyang

Luòyáng Museum

This huge museum, situated out of the action south of the river, has exhilarating displays across two huge floors and is one of the few places to get ancient Luòyáng in any kind of perspective. There’s an absorbing …
Buddhist Monastery in Luoyang

White Horse Temple

Although its original structures have all been replaced and older Buddhist shrines may have vanished, this vast, active monastery outside Luòyáng is regarded as China’s first surviving Buddhist temple, originally da…
Museum in Luoyang

Ancient Tombs Museum

This superb but little-visited museum has three main exhibits: 20 reconstructed tombs (spanning five main dynasties, or over 1000 years), re-created using original building materials; original tomb murals; and a Nor…
Area in Luoyang

Luòyáng Old Town

Any Chinese city worth its rice has an Old Town. Luòyáng’s is east of the rebuilt Lìjǐng Gate, where the narrow Xi Dajie yields up a plethora of shops, grey-brick houses and the occasional creaking monument, includi…
Square in Luoyang

Wángchéng Square

This square is the meeting place for locals who come to play chess and cards under fluttering China flags; it's also busy at night. Across Zhongzhou Zhonglu, a huge statue of six rearing horses marks the underground…
Park in Luoyang

Wángchéng Park

One of Luòyáng’s indispensable green lungs, this park is the site of the annual Peony Festival. Unfortunately, the park is home to a decrepit zoo. There’s also an amusement park (rides ¥15 to ¥20).
Historic Building in Luoyang

Lìjǐng Gate

Originally built in the Sui dynasty, this gate was reconstructed in 2002 and renovated in 2014. Though none of the original walls are left, the structure once served as one of the city's western gates. You can climb…
Museum in Luoyang

Eastern Zhou Royal Horse and Carriage Museum

A huge statue of six rearing horses marks this two-room underground museum, where the principal draw is the unearthed remains of a Zhou emperor’s royal horses – who were buried alive when the emperor passed on.