Top things to do in Lugu Lake

Dance in Lugu Lake

Mosuo Dance Show

This nightly dance show sees group dancing by many Mosuo women in traditional dress around a fire. The local name for it translates as 'bonfire party', but don't expect to see effigies of Guy Fawkes. It's very popul…
Museum in Lugu Lake

Mosuo Folk Custom Museum

This museum in Luòshuǐ is set within the traditional home of a wealthy Mosuo family, and the obligatory guide will explain how the matriarchal society functions. There is also an interesting collection of photos tak…
Monastery in Lugu Lake

Zhāměi Temple

This substantial Tibetan monastery at Yǒngníng village is worth a visit, although only a few lamas are in residence at any time. Admission is free, but a donation is expected. A private minivan costs ¥20 per person …
Barbecue in Lugu Lake

Zhāxī Cāntīng

Lively restaurant and barbecue joint that's good for the local speciality, Mosuo pork (¥50). You'll see the pigs being roasted whole outside, where you can sit near the lake.