Top things to do in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Landmark in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Rice Terraces

These are the clear standouts in the area. Rising to 1000m, they are an amazing feat of farm engineering on hills dotted with minority villages. One of the most sublime and beautiful images rewards the climb up to t…
Viewpoint in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Nine Dragons & Five Tigers Viewing Point

Simply gobsmacking views down the terraced fields to the scoop of the valley below.
Cultural in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Ghost Festival

During the Ghost Festival, celebrated on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, the Yao and Zhuang eat 'rice of seven colours' (七彩饭; qīcǎi fàn), which consists of white glutinous rice, and rice dyed naturally wit…
Cultural in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Clothes Drying Festival

One of the biggest Yao festivals is the Clothes Drying Festival, which falls on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month. On that day, the women lay out all their traditional costumes under the sun. This serves the du…
Arts & Crafts in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Red Bean Handicrafts Workshop

This attractive shop about a 30-minute uphill walk from the Píng’ān car park sells traditional handicrafts (straw shoes, silver jewellery, slippers, bracelets, earrings and scarves) that are a cut above the souvenir…
Cultural in Lóngjǐ Rice Terraces

Memorial Day of Fighting the Japanese

The 14th day of the fifth month is Memorial Day of Fighting the Japanese for some Yao villages. Two men (volunteers) carrying a red flag are chased from field to field and beaten up by children under the age of 11, …